Wednesday, 8 February 2012

DVD again

Got some better pictures of Sally Hansen's DVD, so I thought I'd share

Sorry it's lifting around the edges but I think these outdoor pictures capture the colour more accurately as well as show the colour shifts better :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Owl's Night

This one was a christmas gift

This is L'oreal Paris's Owl's Night, irregular gold glitter suspended in a black base. The gold is nice as it can look bright yellow gold or slightly tarnished, which gives the polish depth. Three coats, average dry time.


I was inspired by how beautiful fresh fallen snow is, flawless smooth white with a subtle shimmer. So I decided to try and put this on my nails and this is how it came out.

This was a base of white polish (Wet and Wild's French White Creme). Then I put this ancient Bed Head (no name) polish that is a white shimmer from a distance but up close you can tell that it's actually multi-coloured pastel shimmer. Then over that I put Wet and Wild Hallucinate which is also a pastel-y glitter. 

I thought it turned out really nice, not as pretty as nature but close enough for me :P