Monday, 28 November 2011

Mani's from the last month

Here are a few nail polishes that I have been wearing over the past month or so.

This is the second Halloween mani I did. The black is Colour Club Revvvolution which has silver (slightly holo) shimmer, and the red glitter is Milani's Red Sparkle.  

This is Nicole by OPI's OMB, which is what I wore with my Halloween costume, I was Sandy from Grease. It`s a nice bright almost pinky red glass fleck, it has and orange/gold duochrome in the bottle but that doesn't translate onto the nail.

This is Sheer French Pink by Avon, took about 5 coats to get it opaque. I have no idea why I decided to do this, it's so sheer, and as I've said before Avon polishes never dry on me, so this took quite a while. I also had to take pictures of my right hand cause I hardcore messed up my left :/ All in all I love the way this looks but I don't think I'll ever try this one again :P

Sinful Colors Vacation Time, a light nude pinky/rose colour, average formula and coverage. I've really been feeling the nude mature colours lately :P

Wet and Wild Dreamy Poppy. Hot pink, not quite neon. 

Threw some glitter on the ring and thumb, Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors Pretty much my favorite glitter that I own. I like how the blue base of the glitter darkens the pink, it's almost purple :) 

This is Crowd Surfing by L.A. Girl Rock Star. Another sheer polish but this one is definitely worth its five coats, the dry time is decent so it was too painful a process. It's a minty green shimmer with copious green and copper shifting flakies. So pretty, the picture doesn't do it justice. It was also fairly cheap  :D

Static Electricity by L.A. Colors Color Craze. Light denim blue creme.

Glitter is Hottie by Sinful Colors.

*Ignore the tip wear* This is Color Club Total Mystery. I love this polish, it's a bright sapphire blue with plenty of red and purple shimmer. So pretty and the name suits it perfectly!

Random blue french I did when I was bored, the blue is Nicole by OPI Respect The World and the sheer pinky colour is Essie Kisses and Bisses, my go to french top.

This messy glitter overload was my 'good luck wish for a snow storm' mani. The Blue is NYC Skin Tight Denim that I've had forever, it's surprisingly an extremely nice dark blue that doesn't look black. On the tips I sponged on a Bed Head polish that is also ancient (I got it when I had my first ever manicure) it's a white pearl shimmer with slight pink and blue shimmer mixed in, this one has no name. And the pastel-y glitter on the center is Wet and Wild's Hallucination. 

Also 25+ cm of snow over night and classes canceled!!!! Success!! :D :P (these picture were taken a couple of days later so there is much less snow in these then there was :P)

What I'm wearing now, Blazing Blue by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and the snow flakes are stamped from the m59 konad plate with Sally Hansen Sapphire Chrome. I should take pictures outside more often, they come out so much nicer but...

Weather here is crap, this is what a nice/average day is like here, plus it starts to get dark around 4 PM this time of year, so it's quite difficult to get a chance to take a picture outside :(