Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tickled Pink

So this is a mani I did a while back using one of those fancy uv polishes. I've heard some bad things about the del-sol line but despite that I still picked a couple up when they were on sale at the new Lawtons in my hometown. I bought them mostly due to the novelty of there actually being a legit cosmetics section there (there was a whole isle for nail polish alone!!!) I live in a pretty small town so this is a big deal :P

Needless to say I was pretty pumped about this one :P

Excuse the lack of clean up and the blurry picture. So this is Milani Purple Gleam and a combination of L.A. Colors in Live and Del-Sol Ruby Slipper on my ring finger. The purple is a awesome one coat glitter, it needed two coats of top coat to smooth it out though. Also if I'm not mistaken there are flecks of black glitter in there as well which gives the purple crazy awesome depth. Now for the ring finger I had originally planned on just wearing the silver foil (one coat) but  decided to add several coats of Ruby Slipper which added a little sparkle but not much else.

So the next day I was outside and I look a my hands and my silver was now pink!! Now it was mostly just a surprise because I forgot it did that, but still it definitely made my day a little brighter :D

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  1. I love when color changing polishes actually work. I have 4 of the De Sol polishes 2 of them don't work. I like this one though, plus that Milani color is very pretty.