Sunday, 2 October 2011

Purple :)

We went out last nights to a friends for supper (we like to play grown ups now that we all have our own places). So I picked out this cute dress and a pretty purple polish to go with it

This is Daddy's Girl by Sinful Colors, it's a deep blue toned purple with orangish and purple flecks. In the bottle the flecks flash orange and green around the perimeter but sadly this doesn't show up well on the nail. What I like most about this one is how the colour shifts in different lighting, it can look deep blue in some lights and in others it appears almost magenta. Finally, despite its beauty this one is hard to work with, it's super sheer and starts to thicken on the brush and the neck of the bottle when exposed to the air too long, this is four coats and it could probably use another.  

I'm really not a big fan of getting dolled up, I'm useless with my hair and I'm too picky and fidgety to wear jewelry or accessories so I'm really glad I can resort to makeup and nail polish to tie my look together and not feel like a slob in a dress :P 

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  1. Lol, I'm not a fan of dolling up either, polish really makes life better for girls like us. Thankyou for the follow, BTW. Toodles!