Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kitten :D

So I feel the need to show off my precious little baby cat, her name is Female which is pronounced feh-mah-ly. We got the name from an old movie called Cat People that my boyfriend and I had watched several months before we got her. I fell in love with the funny name being a feminist and a sucker for weird names so I decided if I ever got a pet that's what I would call it. 

I thought it was pretty much destiny when a friend's family cat had a litter of kittens. We went to visit and the moment they brought her out in her little basket looking timid but curious I fell in love. So we picked her and her brother up the next day (another friend of mine had a similar falling in love experience) and we changed their names from Pokey and Smokey to Female and Benjamen (Molly and Benji for short) and are in the process of living happily ever after.    

Here is my little baby at 8 weeks

This one is almost lolcat worthy

Such a cute little munchkin!! <3

This is her brother Benji

He's so tiny in this picture, he's growing really fast.

And heres a bunch more of Molly doing mischievous Molly things :P

In her little basket, which she is out growing fast

Having a nap with mommy

She found a new hiding spot

Playing with a ribbon, she peed on us moments after this, but that's okay, I couldn't be mad at her

Sleeping in the window

Looking real grown up here, note the lap top, its her favorite place to be. Its like she's saying "I hope I'm not bothering you" while she button mashes everything then deletes system32 with a hotkey -_-'

Cute little pink nose that I love so much

 Ahh I feel like a parent or maybe just a crazy cat lady but they grow up so fast don't they ...
The funniest part is that I'm allergic to cats :P 


  1. Such a beautiful cat!! They do grow up so quick, I miss my cat being a kitten :( lol

  2. Gorgeous Kitties. Mine likes my laptop, too. I think they are jealous of the attention we give out pooters.

  3. Aww she is too cute! Baby kittens are the best so much fun!

  4. Your kittens are SO adorable!
    Enjoy them while they are little, they grow up really fast!