Sunday, 16 October 2011

Glow in the Dark and Steve Aoki

After another week of exams I figured it's time for some fun, so why not post pictures of pretty nail polish?!! :D

This is a combo of an ancient mini bottle of polish that I got when I was a kid, it's called Kiwi Kosmos and I think its by Bonne Bell. I added a gray with blue duochrome L.A. Colors polish to it to make it dustier and to amp up the duochrome. Over the top of that I added two coats of a glow in the dark polish (99 cent Fantasy Makers by Wet and Wild). I had so much fun with this, I was putting off light shows in the bathroom for my boyfriend all weekend :D I've never had Glow polished before so I was super pumped :P

This is a fun little fall colour, it's Hard Edged a 60 seconds Rimmel polish. This is nice because the colour shifts from brownish to red to purple depending on the light.


This is the nail art I had on for a Steve Aoki concert . It looked a bunch better in real life cause the glitter that I sponged on (Milani's one coat glitters in Purple Gleam and Red Sparkle) looked a little subtler than in the picture, so it was more like flashes of glitter hidden in the black (Wet and Wild I don't know the name).

Speaking of Steve Aoki the concert was sick crazy techno and remixes and so much dubstep!!! And Aoki was a bunch of fun too he sprayed at least 4 bottles of champagne over the crowd as well as orange and cranberry juice :P Oh he also smashed a cake in someones face and crowd surfed half a dozen times, all in all a freaking amazing show!

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