Sunday, 30 October 2011

Jack-o-lanterns :D

I decided to do a little nail art for Halloween :)

I was pretty impressed with myself, gotta say :P This is three coats of an old Maybelline Colorama nail polish, the lable is rubbed of but it might be called Peach Daiquiri. This orange polish actually had a great application, which was a surprise considering its brush was  huge, the dry time was pretty sweet as well. After that I used a series of Nail Star Two-Way Nail Art Pen and Brush that I got off eBay, a bright yellow for the highlight and black for the out line, and (if you've ever seen Bob Ross`s The Joy of Painting) a little indian yellow :)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Lubu heels

I feel like this is a pretty famous polish, and it feels pretty Halloween-y too, so I decided to try it out.

China Glaze Lubu Heels is simply an nice, fine red glitter in a black base, kinda like a higher quality red version of Night Prowl. Nice application as well as dry, and wear time.  All in all very nice polish, definitely helped get me in the Halloween spirit :)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Night Prowl

This is a cheap Wet and Wild polish I bought a while back that I decided to try out in the spirit of Halloween.

Night Prowl by Wet and Wild. Tons of purple glitter suspended in a sheer black base. Really nice colour, looks like there is a lot more glitter in the bottle then what comes out on the nail. The downfall of this polish is that the application was pretty bad, it only took two coats but the formula was thin and runny, it kept oozing into my cuticles. Also the brush was terrible, it was long and skinny which was hard to control, and loose in the cap too making everything worse. Also it looks dull without a topcoat. All in all for a dollar something polish I'm happy with it, its an awesome colour and I'll probably wear it again.

Monday, 24 October 2011

China Dress

This mani is one I did last week that I was quite fond of.

 This is the base colour, it's Deeply in Love by Nicole by OPI. Its a nice colour that shifts from a nice cherry red to a cranberry red depending on the light. This colour stains pretty bad though so use a good base coat.

 Then I added Sally Hanson Hidden Treasure, which is a red, orange, gold and green flaky duochrome top coat. Really really pretty.

Finally I mattified it with Essie Matte About You. Great matte top coat, not that I have a comparison but I find it does the job quite well :) Dries fast and chips easily but I think that's common with matte polish in general.

I was quite fond of this combination as it reminded me of those traditional red Chinese dresses, the silk kind with the pretty orange and gold patterns :)

My Beloved

Warning: this post may include and excessive number of picture and/or rambling.

So I came across this polish several weeks ago, but didn't pick it up for some reason (most likely because it was expensive, $10 is a lot for a broke student :P). It was so pretty in the bottle that I couldn't get it off my mind. So I made it my prize, I went back and picked it up once I finished exams.

Turquoise Moonlight by Quo by Orly. This is my new favorite polish, I actually don't remember loving any single polish as much as I love this one. It's a lovely blue with green/gold flecks, sounds pretty simple but it looks like liquid paradise on the nail. These pictures don't do the polish justice.

This is two coats polish, no top coat. Application was great as well, the bottle has a rubberized cap and the brush is wide, flat and curved at the tip which made putting this on a dream. Also it didn't stain my nails like I expected.

If you see this polish I highly recommend picking it up. I think the Quo brand is exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart, which is a Canadian company. Although I'm fairly certain this is extremely similar to Orly's Halley's Comet but I don't own it so I can't say if it's the same.

Sorry for the super long post, I just really like this polish :P

DVD and Laser

Here is what the two Sally Hansen polishes that I bought recently look like on the nail.

This one is laser, it's a beautiful royal blue with a purple duochrome that was hard to catch on camera. Kinda sheer, this is three coats.

DVD is a gorgeous lavender with a sky blue shift at the edges. It's actually opposite to how it looks in the pictures as the polish looks lavender on the center of the nail and blue around the edges, très weird :P

Celebration :)

I decided to reward myself for making it through midterms this year by stopping by Shoppers Drugmart on the way home. I picked up a polish I had been eying for weeks, as well as a couple extra :P

From left to right they are: Sally Hansen DVD, Quo by Orly Turquoise Moonlight, and Sally Hansen Laser.

I'm super pumped to try these, especially the middle one, I've been drooling after this colour for weeks and it was the last bottle there so I'm gonna go ahead and assume this one was meant for me :P

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Purple and Blue Funtimes

Here's a combo that I thought was quite nice

I decided to try this Charlotte Russe polish (the name rubbed off) that I hadn't used yet, it's a nice colour but I decided to have fun with it. So I put the blue China Glaze crackle polish called Crushed Candy on.

Also, I just realized that this is pretty much a perfect Barney purple


Then I realized I had the perfect blue and purple glitter that would be perfect on this, so I slapped that on.
All and all I'm pretty happy with this one. The glitter is Frenzy by Sinful Colors.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Glow in the Dark and Steve Aoki

After another week of exams I figured it's time for some fun, so why not post pictures of pretty nail polish?!! :D

This is a combo of an ancient mini bottle of polish that I got when I was a kid, it's called Kiwi Kosmos and I think its by Bonne Bell. I added a gray with blue duochrome L.A. Colors polish to it to make it dustier and to amp up the duochrome. Over the top of that I added two coats of a glow in the dark polish (99 cent Fantasy Makers by Wet and Wild). I had so much fun with this, I was putting off light shows in the bathroom for my boyfriend all weekend :D I've never had Glow polished before so I was super pumped :P

This is a fun little fall colour, it's Hard Edged a 60 seconds Rimmel polish. This is nice because the colour shifts from brownish to red to purple depending on the light.


This is the nail art I had on for a Steve Aoki concert . It looked a bunch better in real life cause the glitter that I sponged on (Milani's one coat glitters in Purple Gleam and Red Sparkle) looked a little subtler than in the picture, so it was more like flashes of glitter hidden in the black (Wet and Wild I don't know the name).

Speaking of Steve Aoki the concert was sick crazy techno and remixes and so much dubstep!!! And Aoki was a bunch of fun too he sprayed at least 4 bottles of champagne over the crowd as well as orange and cranberry juice :P Oh he also smashed a cake in someones face and crowd surfed half a dozen times, all in all a freaking amazing show!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Exams are hard

So I spent the last week studying my butt off for the three exams I had thursday. University is hard :P

Even though it was midterm week, I still managed to change my polish every other day or so, and this is what I had on

This is It's Up To You by Nicole, it's an interesting colour that shifts from light blue to dark and even purple depending on the angle or amount of light. It's really sparkley and quite nice to look at on my fingers.

This is Always Romantic an ancient Revlon ColorStay I nicked from my mom. I needed to thin this down a whole bunch before it was usable. It was perfectly opaque in one coat and dried pretty quick. It also stayed on really good, it didn't chip until the third day for me (which is crazy as no matter what I do I can't keep polish on for more than 24 hours :/ ). I like this colour it's a very dusky rose with subtle blue shimmer and a sprinkle of gold sparkles. The first picture shows the blue shimmer but the second is more colour accurate. This polish makes me feel mature but with a kick of spunk :P 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Deluxe Chocolate

I've been on the hunt for a real nice brown polish lately, I realized I had this one in my collection so I tried it out to see if it's what I've been looking for.

This is Deluxe Chocolate by Avon. The title is pretty accurate I think as it is a warm chocolate colour with a gold shimmer, really rich and quite beautiful. It was pretty hard to work with though, firstly I found the brush long and floppy and therefore hard to control. Secondly, something I've noticed with all Avon polishes, is that it NEVER dries, the only reason I'm able to wear them now is because of seche vite, but even still it stays dentable for hours.

I decided to spice it up on the second day with a zebra konad design thing using L.A. colors Force, subtle but pretty :)

My final verdict: it's not the brown I'm looking for, I'm feeling more of a creme finish, but despite this as well as being hard to work with I quite like it. 

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tickled Pink

So this is a mani I did a while back using one of those fancy uv polishes. I've heard some bad things about the del-sol line but despite that I still picked a couple up when they were on sale at the new Lawtons in my hometown. I bought them mostly due to the novelty of there actually being a legit cosmetics section there (there was a whole isle for nail polish alone!!!) I live in a pretty small town so this is a big deal :P

Needless to say I was pretty pumped about this one :P

Excuse the lack of clean up and the blurry picture. So this is Milani Purple Gleam and a combination of L.A. Colors in Live and Del-Sol Ruby Slipper on my ring finger. The purple is a awesome one coat glitter, it needed two coats of top coat to smooth it out though. Also if I'm not mistaken there are flecks of black glitter in there as well which gives the purple crazy awesome depth. Now for the ring finger I had originally planned on just wearing the silver foil (one coat) but  decided to add several coats of Ruby Slipper which added a little sparkle but not much else.

So the next day I was outside and I look a my hands and my silver was now pink!! Now it was mostly just a surprise because I forgot it did that, but still it definitely made my day a little brighter :D

Kitten :D

So I feel the need to show off my precious little baby cat, her name is Female which is pronounced feh-mah-ly. We got the name from an old movie called Cat People that my boyfriend and I had watched several months before we got her. I fell in love with the funny name being a feminist and a sucker for weird names so I decided if I ever got a pet that's what I would call it. 

I thought it was pretty much destiny when a friend's family cat had a litter of kittens. We went to visit and the moment they brought her out in her little basket looking timid but curious I fell in love. So we picked her and her brother up the next day (another friend of mine had a similar falling in love experience) and we changed their names from Pokey and Smokey to Female and Benjamen (Molly and Benji for short) and are in the process of living happily ever after.    

Here is my little baby at 8 weeks

This one is almost lolcat worthy

Such a cute little munchkin!! <3

This is her brother Benji

He's so tiny in this picture, he's growing really fast.

And heres a bunch more of Molly doing mischievous Molly things :P

In her little basket, which she is out growing fast

Having a nap with mommy

She found a new hiding spot

Playing with a ribbon, she peed on us moments after this, but that's okay, I couldn't be mad at her

Sleeping in the window

Looking real grown up here, note the lap top, its her favorite place to be. Its like she's saying "I hope I'm not bothering you" while she button mashes everything then deletes system32 with a hotkey -_-'

Cute little pink nose that I love so much

 Ahh I feel like a parent or maybe just a crazy cat lady but they grow up so fast don't they ...
The funniest part is that I'm allergic to cats :P