Friday, 30 September 2011

Once upon a time

I've always had an interest in nails, I remember starting to grow them out back when I was 10 or 11. Being a moderately spoiled young'un I got plenty of nail polishes for my birthdays and such, so I developed a collection of mini nail polishes, cheap ones and hand-me-downs (many of which I still have). This was the spark and fuel to my initial interest.

Fast forward 6 years to my discovery of nail art. Bored at my summer job I stumbled across this:

Tutorial for this
And so I was inspired...

This was the result as you can see it was pretty bad (there is actually so much polish in my cuticles here it hurts to look at). But I was pretty impressed with myself and I got a fair few compliments so I tried again.

 Although far from perfect this one is substantially better. 

From here my obsession and collection grew...  

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Having a go at this blogging thing :P

I have no idea how to start one of these...

Hmm well I guess to get straight to the point I have a small addiction to nail polish, odd I know. No one I know really has this in common with me, and I don't like the idea of sharing it on Facebook. So I decided to make an anonymous blog thing.

So the whole reason I made this was to post (bad) pictures of my nail polish. Which sounds super lame. Either way here we go :D

So this is what I have on right now I believe its Addiction by L.A. Girls. It's a deep red with plenty of gold glass flecks. I really like I and it fits the "fall colours" mood that I'm in :P

This is the colour I was inspired to put on a few days ago when I saw leaves falling for the first time this fall. The pretty bright slightly orange copper colour reminds me of autumn. Oh and this is Bijou Bronze by Milani.

And finally this is an old as balls nail polish that I've had forever, it's called Surreal by Sally Hansen. It's still really pretty though, a nice burnt orange.

Well that's that, I hope anyone that might see this enjoys :)